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M W F 11am - 5:30PM  - Tu Th 11am-6pm
SAT Noon-5:30 PM; Sunday 2-4:00 pm
****All Specials reqjuire $50+ cash/check sale Valid 10/23/2017**** 
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OG Strawberries Driscoll - FRESH Great Flavor!
OG Blueberries - FRESH !!!
Driscoll OG Raspberries - FRESH ON SALE!
OG Oranges - Great Juice!!!
OG TEAS PLEASE - FRESH RESTOCK - 50+ Different Kinds!
OG Teas HUGE SELECTION: Matcha Turmeric Alvita, Choice, Hempstead, Starwest!!!!!
OG FRESH-PRESSED Clarity Juices  - FREE w/ $100 cash purchase!
OG CELERY - FREE w/ $50 cash purchase!
OG Baby Coconuts are FREE w/ $100 cash purchase!!!
OG Frozen Maine WILD Blueberries are HERE!
OG New Crop RUSSETS are BACK!!!
OG Honeycrisp Apples

OG FUJI Apples
OG Mangos
are HERE!

OG Delicata
OG Low-Temperature GRASSFED Pasteurized WHOLE Milk
is HERE!


is HERE!!
Ground Lamb, Lamb Liver, Lamb Patella Bones, Beef Gelatin, Beef Chuck Roast, Beef Kidney, Beef Large French Ribeye, Beef Marrow Bone Broth, Corned Beef Brisket, T Bone Steak Bison Liver, Ground Bison, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Fresh Cut Pork Chops, Ribeye Pork Chop, , Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices, Sockeye Salmon Oil Softgels, Wild Pink Shrimp, Ground Pork, Beef Marrow Bones, Beef Rib roast, Beef Brisket, Wild Ground Buffalo, Wild Large Shrimp, Sugar-Free Hot Dogs, Pork Roast
"Beyond OG" VT Heirloom Apples are here!
OG Asparagus is Best tasting we've had in months!!
OG Pomegranates are here!
OG KALE is Free w/ $50 cash/check purchase!!
OG Ohsawa Tamari - the best! is here!
OG Ohsawa Shoyu - the BEST  is HERE!
OG Purple Potatoes - Highest in Anti-oxidants are HERE!!l
OG FRESH LOCAL Cranberries are HERE!!l
OG Grassfed Ground Beef is Back!
OG FRESH Pork Chops are Coming - Reserve Yours!!
OG Zesty Sweet GOLD KIWI are here!
OG Parsnips are Here!!
OG LOCAL Butternut Squash is here!
OG Fair Trade Bananas
OG Apple-Juice Sweetened CRANBERRIES are here!
Natural Pectin - requires much less Sugar!!
OG Coconut SUPER Probiotic Yogurt is HERE!!l
OG LOCAL Spaghetti Squash! 
OG Granny Smiths NEW CROP!
OG Fire Ciders - ALL Flavors are in! 
OG Almond Milk w/ Cold Brew Coffee!
OG Chicken Wings are Here!!
OG Chicken Breasts are Here!!
OG Chicken THIGHS are On Order for FRIDAY - Reserve Yours!!
OG WHOLE Chickens are Here!!
OG Brussels Sprouts!! 
OG CILANTRO is Free w/ $50 purchase!
Town Dock
is BACK!
OG Kimbalbrook VT Chocolate Milk is HERE!!
OG Pork Breakfast Sausages - are HERE!!
OG Beef Liver is Here
non-GMO OG Sweet Corn $0.99/ear!!
OG SUGAR-FREE ice cream is HERE!
non-GMO CAULIPOWER Pizza Crusts are HERE!!
OG Truly RAW Almonds are SPROUTABLE & HERE!
OG Raw Kale chips are HERE!!
OG Bulk Baby Arugula is FREE w/ $50 Purchase!l
OG Green Scallions are here!!
OG Cauliflower is BACK - $4.99!
OG Cluster Cherry Tomatoes are BACK!!!
OG Forager Cashewgurt is HERE!!l
OG Rhapsody Natto is HERE!!l
OG Veggie Enhanced Bone Broths are coming - Reserve Yors!!
OG Health-Ade Maca Berry Kombucha is HERE!!!
Amy's Marinara. SALE - $9.99
OG Nature's All Corn
OG Tender Broccolini is in!!
OG Eden Beans in BPA-Free cans!  - Sale $1.99!!
New Flavor: Unsweetened Vanilla OG Three Trees Almond Milk!
OG Primal Palate Spices are REFRESHED!!
OG South River Miso - FIVE FLAVORS!!
OG Miso Master Miso is HERE!!
OG Monkfruit Powder is Here by the GRAM!
OG Dried Monkfruit is HERE!!
Monk fruit is  a zero-calorie, wholesome sweetener that is made from vine-ripened melon grown in northern Thailand or southern China. Some 250 times sweeter than sugar. Cultivated and used for hundreds of years, there are no reports of adverse reactions, but PLENTY of reports of beneficial therapeutic effects.
Monkfruit Packets are Here!!
non-GMO Monkfruit Sweetener is HERE!!
OG Green & Yellow Beans are Coming next FRI - Reserve yours!
OG Sriracha!! is HOT!!
OG RAW Macadmias are BACK!
OG Wild Petit PECANS are BACK!!!
WILD Oregon Pink Shrimp are BACK!
OG PeeledPeas are HERE!!
OG Goat Chevre THE BEST!!
OG PASTURE-Raised Nature's Yolk Eggs
OG Zucchini Squash  is BACK!!!
OG Sungold KIWI are BACK!!
OG Hope Humms is BACK!!!
OG 2-Ingredient FRESH Almond Milk  is BACK!
OG Fresh SHITAKE Mushrooms are BACK!!!
OG Frozen Akara Falafel Veggie Burgers are BACK!
OGYukon Gold Potatoes - 5# - $3.99!!!
Loofah scrubbers are HERE!
OG GRASSFED Hot Dogs are BACK!!!
OG Einkorn Crackers are BACK!
OG Asian PEARS are BACK!!!!!
OG Coconut Yogurt is BACK!!
OG Moringa Powder is BACK
OG Rice Select Arborio is BACK!
OG Paleo Organic Prarie BACON (Honey-Cured) is Back!!
Awesome OG Missouri Petit Pecans Are BACK!
OG Almatheia Goat FETA is BACK!!
OG FRESH Aloe Vera $4.99
OG Hope Hummus is Back!
OG Yucatan Guacamole $5.99!
If you want non-GMO Food, buy ORGANIC!
OG GT's Kombuchas - $3.99
OG Parsley - FREE w/ $50  cash/check purcahse!
OG Plainville Sliced Turkey is BACK !
OG RAW Bariani Olive Oil is Back!
NonGMO Cassava-Coconut GRAIN-FREE Tortillas - HERE !
OG Petite SWEEK Peas are on order - reserve yours!
Mountain Valley H20 By the Case -  $2.99!
OG Scallions. - $1.99
OG Hand Crafted Srirachas are BACK!
OG Hilary's World's Best Veggie Buirger
OG StarKrimson Pears - are BACK!
OG Black Radish - $4.99/#
OG Woodstock TOFU is BACK!!
OG Jovial Chick Peas- In GLASS!
OG Bilinski's Chicken Sausages
OG Sliced Ham - $7.99
GMO-Freee GRAIN-FREE Chips - $5.79!
OG Gorgeous GALAS! -

OG Stacy's Tortillas - The Best - Back in Stock!
Wild Anchovies Boquerones
OG  Belvoir Sparkling Drinks12oz.
OG Reishi MACHA Tea
OG Alvita TEAS - Various Flavors
OG Huge Grapefruit of Distinction - $2.49
OG King Soba Gluten-Free Noodles. - are Back!
Wild Alaskan KING Crab - is BACK!
OG Nature's All Freeze-Dried Fruits - $7.49!
Wild Pacific Salmon Fillets
OG Wisconsin Roth Havarti, Xtra Creamy!!
OG Oriental Yams are BACK!!
OG SPROUTED Corn Tortillas
Wild Ahi Tuna - Cheaper than Canned!!
OG Limes- $5.99/#!!
Wild Sockeye SALMON Fillets!!
Wild COD Fillets
OG Bulk Calamata Olives are BACK!
OG Lemons are Here!!
OG Genoa Salami is BACK!
OG Pepperoni is BACK!!
Spend $50+ and get Choice of:

OG KALE! Cilantro, Parsley, Celery
Spend $100+ cash/check and get:
OG Romaine Hearts (3-pk)

 OG Baby Coconut,
OG So Delicious Coconut Yogurt
Spend $200+ cash/check and get 10% OFF!!

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